Results will vary from person to person. There are no guaranteed results when using the education, training and business systems I am recommending. Personal results are going to vary a lot depending on the determination and the ability to follow directions. All the services, products, testimonials and income claims I provide are solely for informational and educational purposes. You cannot simply assume that you will get similar outcomes without putting hard work and effort in.

Regarding Launch you Partner offers: Launch You is an education company and marketing platform with many different types of customers. Some of the Launch You marketer customers are also their Affiliates, and earn commissions by referring people to their products and services. Many of their top income members (some of which have provided written and video testimonials on our sites) earned the majority of their income by selling other company’s products to customers that they found using the strategies of Launch You. We are unable to disclose average incomes for selling non-LY products as we do not track those incomes, however, the LY do have notarized affidavits on hand for every income claim on their site.